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Wall of Ice III, Kathleen Driscoll
Kathleen Driscoll
Hydrostone, burlap, wood, pigment, and a latex additive

Born 1955, Weymouth, MA

Works in Medford, MA

Pegasus, Alfred Duca
Alfred Duca

Worked in Boston and Gloucester, MA

Guardian; Hearing Trumpet; Torsion, Breon Dunigan
Breon Dunigan

Born 1961, New York City, NY
Lives and works in Truro, MA

Image © Andy Ryan
Tony Feher
pole and paint
Bird, Laura Ford
Laura Ford
Painted Bronze, ed. 4/5

Born 1961, Cardiff, Wales
Lives and works in London, England

Armour Boys, Laura Ford
Laura Ford
5 figures, bronze, ed. 1/5

Born 1961, Cardiff, Wales
Lives and works in London,  England

Camera Man, Mark Fredenburg
Mark Fredenburg
Grey granite

Born 1955, Chicago, IL
Lives and works in Morrisville, PA

Martha Friedman, Laid, ​2009
Martha Friedman
Cast rubber and concrete base

Born 1975, Detroit, MI
Works in Brooklyn, NY

Orly Genger, Red, Yellow and Blue, 2013. Photograph by Anchor Imagery.
Orly Genger
mixed media

Born 1979
Lives in New York, NY and works in Brooklyn, NY

Texas Triangles, Charles Ginnever
Charles Ginnever

Born 1931, San Mateo, CA
Works in Putney, VT and Petaluma, CA