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Upcoming Events at deCordova | Store

Celebrate a new jewelry, pottery, and glass artisan every month at deCordova | Store! Refreshments provided.


APRIL: Barbara Silverstein has become an iconic jewelry designer in the past twenty years. Her artistic sensibility took inspiration from materials such as stainless steel in the hardware store.

MAY: Erica Mason is a jewelry artist who creates one of a kind pieces that are delicate yet bold.  She uses small semi-precious gemstones, fossils, petrified wood.

JUNE: Glassmaker Nicholas Kekic was born into a family tradition: his grandfather was an industrial glassmaker and his father helped establish the glassmaking department at Rochester Institute of Technology.

JULY: Maxine Hugon employs the centuries-old clay carving technique of sgarffito (from the Italian: to scratch). She draws inspiration from medieval architectural ornaments, Celtic designs, English wallpaper patterns, and eleventh century Chinese vessels. 

AUGUST: Ashley Buchanan cuts, folds, bends, and pierces brass and sterling to create fascinating pieces of wearable art. Intricate silhouettes and elaborate patterns are then powder-coated to give her pieces unusual surface textures and colors.

SEPTEMBER: Laura Hutchcroft uses classic manipulative techniques on precious and semi-precious metals to fashion highly-wearable jewelry designs. The designs are reminiscent of the mid-century design ethic.


Clear Glass Caterpillar Vase
Walden Pendant
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