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What's happening at deCordova | Store?

Celebrate jewelry and ceramic artisans featured at deCordova | Store all month long! Drop in anytime.


Eric Burris designs, constructs, and composes his extraordinary and unique jewelry using a combination of precious metals, wood, old maps – and exquisite pieces of mokume gane that he fashions by hand. Mokume gane was a method developed in Japan in the 17th century to forge samurai swords of great strength and beauty. Metal alloys are fused together to make complex swirling patterns of subtle color. When Burris incorporates pieces of these alloyed metals into his designs, the result is powerful but understated.


Courtney Martin expresses her artistry–and her interest in food–through her magnificent ceramic pieces. She intends that they become part of the everyday gift of serving  food to family and friends. She makes bold designs on all her functional pottery that reference both contemporary and traditional patterning. She likes to imagine how food will look on the wares she creates.

Clear Glass Caterpillar Vase
These durable plastic cubes fit together with slots in the side to inspire your future architect.
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